Golf Blueprint Players Membership (6-Months)

Golf Blueprint Players Membership (6-Months)

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Join for 6-months and save ~15% compared to monthly membership. 

As a Golf Blueprint Classic Member, you receive: 

  • A Golf Blueprint Plan delivered each month during your Membership
  • Access to Golf Blueprint Merch
  • Access to Kevin and Nico
  • Exclusive Social Media Content

A Golf Blueprint Players Membership is perfect for the golfer looking to take their game to the next level without dedicating countless hours to practice. Kevin and Nico do the work for you, hand building your customized Golf Blueprint Algorithm. The result is a Golf Blueprint Plan that targets and improves the critical areas of your game. Your plan includes several intentionally designed sessions of different length, ensuring you can fit practice into your schedule.

    Upon membership, you will receive a questionnaire. Your detailed answers are the foundation for your success as a Golf Blueprint Member. Once the questionnaire is completed and we have your Golf Blueprint Algorithm developed, we build and deliver your initial plan. Updated Golf Blueprint Plans will then be delivered monthly over the course of your membership.

    Golf Blueprint Plans are built on data and research to provide the most cutting edge practice plans in golf that are the first of their kind. Your Golf Blueprint Algorithm combines decades of research on human improvement, learning theory, and predictive-analytics. 

    Looking to gift a membership? Contact us ( after purchase to set up a delivery to your golfer friends and family.